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Giant 21ft Scale RC RAF’Beardmore Inflexible’ Bomber

At 21ft wingspan this flying RC model replica of the 1928 Beardmore Inflexible Bomber is one of the BIGGEST RC aeroplanes you will ever see. It is pulled along by 3 Zenoah 38 engines.

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

Watch its first graceful flight at a public show and highlights of an earlier flight where one wheel was lost on a touch and go! For some pilots that could have spelled disaster but not for John as it he guided it to a nice landing on 2 wheels.via: Essential RC

This model was built by Dave Johnson of the Large Model Association and was acquired by Dave Horton who added further scale detail and brought it to the LMA East Kirkby Show for its first public outing.The Beardmore Inflexible, also known as the Rohrbach Ro VI, was a three-engined all-metal prototype bomber aircraft built by William Beardmore and Company at Dalmuir, Scotland.


William Beardmore and Company had acquired a licence for the use of the Rohrbach principle for stressed-skin construction. Using these principles and drawings supplied by Rohrbach for the RoVI, the Beardmore company designed, what was then a massive all-metal three-engined transport, the Beardmore Inflexible./Essential RC