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Giant 63kg RC Airbus A340/300 Swiss Airliner Scale Model


Large scale RC aircraft are pleasure to see on the ground and in the air, but putting in the months of effort required to build them requires special dedication. This is a video of a 1:15 scale R/C Airbus A340/300 taking to the skies at a recent R/C plane show Horizon Airmeet 2021, Genderkingen/Donauwörth, Germany event.

source/image(PrtSc): DIGITAL RC

Here we have a giant scale 1/13 RC RC Airbus A-340-300 airplane which is powered by 4x JetCat P80SE Turbine, the model airplane has a wingspan of 4.30m, a length of 4.90m. The take off weight of the airplane is app.60kg.

The rc model airplanes includes decals for all windows and doors, cargo doors, technical markings such as static ports and engine manufacturer labels, the fuselage is full composite and wings are a balsa/ply rib and spar construction with balsa sheet and Oracover finish.


The details of the airplane are exelent,the airplane is built close as possible to the real thing, the airplane is equiped with retractable landing gear with servo actuated hatches.It has an epoxy resin fiberglass fuselage in plain white Swiss Airlines gloss paint, and features pneumatic brakes, scale wheels, scale air up/spring down retract units.The model has a 10l Kerosene fuel tank that burns through 0.3 gallons a minute./DIGITAL RC

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