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Giant Perendev Perpetual Magnetic Motor Free Energy Concept


Hello my friends, as always, I’ll show you a perpetual motion motor which generates free green energy usable for any power plant in the world and how it might work, then we’ll visualize the magnetic fields so we can see what’s actually happening.

source/image(PrtSc): yWild

You will then be able to explain to others what the weakness of this principle is and why such a thing is unable to produce anything except the costs of approximate 5000 Euro.The device itself is a Perendev motor that consists of a total of thirty individual discs, each with two rings of twenty magnets attached in opposite directions to repel each other. Watch the video from yWild:

So there are a total of one thousand two hundred magnets used. The cost of this motor, with each magnet costing around three euros and the remaining components being laser cut, is around five thousand euros.


A magneto, also known as a Perendev engine, is an engine that automatically produces motion, or in other words, an engine that runs without fuel. All it takes is an initial push, and once you’re up and running, goes on forever.