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Giant Rc Junkers JU-188 2x250cc Propeller Powered Airplane


The Junkers Ju 188 was a German Luftwaffe high-performance medium bomber built during World War II, the planned follow-up to the Ju 88 with better performance and payload.

source/image(PrtSc): RCScaleAirplanes

Some impressions of this giant self made aircraft at the first day on a flying field.Kit: Self made (7 years of building).This project is one of 3 models at the same modellers club.The paint job has be done by Klaus Herold, who is an expert in painting and weathering WW2 Rc planes.RCScaleAirplanes

With almost every rivet and detail complete, this warbird has a wingspan of 5.5 meters (18ft) and weighs 187 pounds. The aircraft uses two Moki 250cc engines. These motors can usually be found on large single-engined warbirds.


For a model of this size and weight (at over 80kg), special attention must be given to the landing gear. Landing gear.Immersion tube diameter 70 mm (2.76″).Weight 6200 grams incl. wheel (13.7 pounds).Length (pivot point / axis) 39 cm (15.4″).Suspension control.Festo air cylinder 35 mm diameter (1.8″).Air tank 1 liter per side (9 bar).

  • Builder & Owner: Franz Obenauf
  • Model data:
  • Scale 1/4
  • Wingspan: 5.5m (18 ft)
  • Weight: ~ 85 Kg (187 pounds)
  • Engine: 2x Moki 250cc