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Living Full Time In An Off-Grid Camper Van With 2 Dogs


Nat & Abi inspire us every day with their colorful DIY Sprinter van conversion, their commitment to leave no trace, their community-building efforts, and of course, their beautiful photos and delicious campfire cooking! In this video, they share their experience living full-time in a van with two dogs, and give us a tour of their spacious and bright home on wheels!

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

Nat and Abi bought their 2004 Sprinter van for $6,000 USD and converted it for $10,000 USD. It took a year and a half for them to build it out and they did a spectacular job!//Exploring Alternatives

The kitchen was their main focus because cooking is a big part of their day. They have a long counter for food prep, a 2-burner alcohol stove, a sink with a 12-volt pump, and a top-loading fridge.The lounge area is a combo couch and dinette with a table that slides out from under the bed and loads of storage underneath.


Their bed is fixed and runs the width of the van to save space, and it’s tall enough to fit a water tank, solar power system, and garage underneath.To finance their life on the road, Abi does stock and portrait photography, Nat does pop up restaurants and private dinners, and together they create content on the Lets Play Ride and Seek YouTube channel and Instagram page.via/read more: Exploring Alternatives

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