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Giant Special 43kg RC Pond Racer 1:2 Model Air Racer Airplane


The Scaled Composites Pond Racer was a twin-engine twin-boom aircraft developed for Bob Pond by Burt Rutan and his company Scaled Composites.Bob is a WW II US Navy trained pilot and since has accumulated more than 20,000 hours in his logbook in many different aircraft.

source/image(PrtSc): DIGITAL RC

He has owned and flown singles, twins, seaplanes, turboprops, helicopters and jets.The Pond Racer was hoped to be an alternative to vintage aircraft like the P-51 Mustang and the Hawker Sea Fury that would be as fast and spectacular in the air as the warbirds.

Here we have a giant 1:2 scale model of a Pond RacertThe airframe of the airplane is constructed of composite materials and carbon fiber. This resulted in a very light, strong aircraft. To power the plane two DLA inline engine 116 ccm engines were chosen.


The airplane has a wingspan of 3.7m and a length of 3.1m, the weight of the airplane is 43kg. The pilot flying this airpalne in this video is Harald Jezek at Euroflugtag Rheidt 2019, Germany event./DIGITAL RC

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