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GMC Sierra Callaway 4×4 Rocky Ridge Wheel Chair Conversion

The All Terrain Conversions 45 Degree Wheelchair Lift sold by Startracks Custom Vehicles, seen here installed on a 2016 GMC Sierra Callaway 4×4 Rocky Ridge. Startracks builds to custom specifications for sports vehicle garages, handicap vehicle access, medical units and mobile command centers.

source/image(PrtSc): Startracks Custom Vehicles

The framework is fabricated with a 45 degree angled pan which provides a number of benefits: 50% faster load/unload time, easier for wheelchair operator to back into, less chance of scratching the vehicle and access to both sides.

The power unit is installed beneath the hood which cuts down on operational noise and frees up the back seat for leg room and storage.


This system allows a person to enter from one side of the vehicle and have the option to be either a driver or a passenger in about the same amount of time it would take two people to unbuckle, get out of the vehicle, walk around the vehicle to switch places and then get back in the vehicle.