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The Bell Nexus – A Futuristic Hybrid-Electric Tilt-Rotor Air Taxi Concept


The nexus of transport and technology and of comfort and convenience. Nexus captures the long-sought-after vision of quick air travel with a unique in-flight experience, keeping passengers connected to their lives and saving valuable time. Bell

source/image(PrtSc): Bell

The Bell Nexus is powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system feeding six tilting ducted fans, each powered by individual electric motors.The ducted fans also offer improved performance and a quieter noise signature than comparable open rotor designs, according to the company.

The cabin of the aircraft is configurable and will vary in payload and passenger seating so as to be able to serve other missions aside from air-taxi services.


Bell will lead the design, development and production of the VTOL systems. Safran will provide the hybrid propulsion and drive systems, EPS will provide the energy storage systems, Thales will provide the Flight Control Computer (FCC) hardware and software, Moog will develop the flight control actuation systems and Garmin will integrate the avionics and the vehicle management computer (VMC).

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