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GoPro Inside A Car Tire To Run Over A Nail Bed


We mounted a GoPro inside a CAR TIRE and tried to run over a NAIL BED! Superkot removes the tire from the rim and then they mount the GoPro to the inside of the wheel and mount the tire back on the rim, mount the tire back on and re-install the wheel on the car.

source/image(PrtSc): Superkot

The camera setup works beautifully, showing us how the tire deforms as it touches the pavement, and changes shape to accommodate for imperfections in the road, and how the nails puncture the tire. Watch the video from Superkot:

The profile of the tyre was just about tall enough to accommodate the camera.We see the rubber overhead dancing with a pulsemoving and grooving as it meets the road. There’s also what looks to be small pieces of debris or rock rolling around inside the tire.


We’ll test different types of screws (and some twist nails) against the car tire. What’s going to happen to the car wheel? We’ve got some unexpected results! Watch till the end of this epic video.

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