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Gran Turismo Mediterranea 88-Foot Ferrari Inspired Hyperyacht Concept


Meet the GranTurismo Mediterranea, or GTM for short, a sporty new 88-footer Ferrari-inspired hyperyacht that pays tribute to the instantly recognizable design language of the storied Italian carmaker, with room to spare for an actual Ferrari in the rear.

source/image(PrtSc): Lazzarini Design

It’s a Ferrari-like hyperyacht with a real Ferrari. Powered by triple MAN V12 engines, an Arneson transmission and a central Hamilton Jet drive,GTM would use the jet for thrust in acceleration and turning at high speeds. At 88 feet, there’s more than enough room for whatever the owner desires.

he hull is finished in what looks like a riff on Ferrari’s recognizable Rosso Corsa red, while the superstructure is crafted from light carbon fiber that is also favored by the automaker, it’s even got a Ferrari garage on the back.


The Lazzarini GTM is 27 meters long, 6.70 meters wide and 6.10 meters high,azzarini states that the GTM should be up to 70 knots (130 km / h) fast – on the one hand that is extremely fast for such a large watercraft./Lazzarini Design

VIALazzarini Design
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