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Grow Purple Single Crystals of Salt at Home – DIY Home Decorations!


In this video I’ll show you how to grow a beautiful purple single crystal.For this we’ll need the following substances – potassium and chrome alum. To begin, let’s make a mixture of alum.To do this, take a glass and weight 100 gram of aluminum potassium sulfate and 12 grams of chromium potassium sulfate in it.

source/image:  Thoisoi2 – Chemical Experiments!

Adding chrome alum will make the crystals violet.Then, pour 400 ml of a very hot water into the glass and stir until all the alum is dissolved.After it’s all dissolved, leave this glass for a few days to let the crystals form at the bottom. A day later pour the alum solution into another container.

As you can see a lot of beautiful little fused together crystals were formed at the bottom of the glass. Now pick open the mass of the crystals and put them in a bowl.Choose from this mass the most beautiful and large crystal. This crystal will serve as a seed from which a large crystal will be grown in the future.


After some time the crystal will begin to take a regular geometric shape that is defined by the crystal lattice of a substance.After 2 months my crystal become large enough and I decided that I can stop its growth. I pulled out the crystal from the solution and desiccated its surface with a napkin. Next I covered the crystal with colorless nail polish, one or two layers is usually enough.This post is meant for educational purposes only,and its done by a professional,don’t try this at home.

VIA Thoisoi2 - Chemical Experiments!
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