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DIY FAKE live edge Mirror with a HIGH-END Look

In this video, I show how attainable it is to have a high-end mirror look with inexpensive materials.The natural flow and light this gives off is just magical, This video is a sweet tutorial to build and have your very own live edge Mirror with a high end look!

source/image(PrtSc): DIY Creators

If there are knots in your wood you will want to keep it in your design instead of cutting out the knots as they make the wood look more natural. Wath the video by DIY Creators to learn more.

Live edge furniture is becoming more and more popular and there’s no wonder why- it’s gorgeous and finding and using natural beauty in decor is always a good thing!


This rectangular wall mirror boasts an organic live edge on either side to reflect the natural beauty of its origins.These type of DIY projects really are the best. They look great and serve a purpose.