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H1 Alpha Hummer With The NEW Full Size 6 Passenger Seating

This Alpha Hummer H1 came to Predator for a ground up restoration and a fully built Duramax Diesel engine.From the full Powder Coated Gloss black frame with accented Metallic Blues to the Kevlar Coated Viper Blue paint.

source/image(PrtSc): Predator Inc

We added a ton of Predator Inc accessories that really bring out its inner beast. This is truly a one of a kind build without a single bolt left un-turned. We are also featuring a brand new modification in this video. Predators all NEW Full Size 6 passenger seating!!!

“The conversion consists of us removing the center drive line tunnel and installing a new laser cut floor and drop pans. We use much thicker aluminum plate offering much improved strength to this area. A new Aluminum Fuel Tank goes in place along with a 2” lift, if not equipped or a pre-Alpha (2006 Alpha Hummers come equipped with a 2” body lift from the factory).”


“Options for seats include simple bench seating, stock matching seats, Recaro Racing Seats or just about any option you can think of. The Floor can be finished in a rugged Kevlar Sprayed floor for offroad/utilitarian approach or a finished molded carpeted floor.”