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A His High-Tech TINY HOUSE That Looks Like The Lunar Lander

Naval architect Kurt Hughes has built strange things his entire life. For the past 7 years, he has been working on a Tiny House inspired by the lunar lander, and he built it all on his own using boat construction methods.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny House Giant Journey

Kurt Hughes designed and built the prototype dwelling using plywood, epoxy, core, fiberglass and self-made structurally insulated panels, altering his design when necessary to ensure it could be given an official permit to serve as a home.Watch the video from Tiny House Giant Journey for more info:

Elevated by three steel beams a staircase offers an entry point into the 250-square-foot home which comprises an open floor plan lit by a large geodesic dome skylight. A kitchen with stainless steel appliances occupies a small space near to a dining area which is situated by a window overlooking the river and the hillside.


Meanwhile a retro-styled mirror and semi-spherical basin styles a wash area just off the bathroom.The parts are bonded together with biaxial roving, a fiberglass with the same strength as A36 steel.Utility equipment and storage is hidden in the hexagonal “systems ring” below the living space modules.