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Meet Stella Lux – The Solar Powered Family Car With A Range Of 373 Miles

Meet Stella Lux, the energy positive family car. She is the new comfortable, intelligent and sustainable drive of Solar Team Eindhoven. Using lightweight materials like carbon and aluminum, Stella has a range of around 373 miles.

source/image: Solar Team Eindhoven

The energy generated by the car’s solar panels is also more than the car actually needs, which gives Stella the ability to send it excess energy to the power grid. That means she is also the world’s first “energy-positive car.”

source/image: Solar Team Eindhoven

Stella Lux, the energy positive family car. This means she is so efficient that she generates more energy than she consumes during the entire year, even in Dutch weather conditions! The aerodynamic design has an important role in this


Consider, for example, the tunnel which runs through the center of the car. Furthermore, Stella Lux has an extended roof on both sides of the car. Because of this, we were able to place another row of solar panels on the car.

Stella Lux is an intelligent car. No other solar car has the same comfort as Stella Lux. The beautiful interior appears after the door is automatically unlocked when Stella Lux detects your smartphone nearby. The door itself is part of the seat which gives you a spacious interior experience. Stella Lux communicates with other cars on the road.