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Hair Clippers Work In 4K Slow Motion


Hair clippers were invented by Leo J. Wahl a long time ago it’s a tried and trued design, but every time I use hair clippers I end up getting cut or nicked by the clippers.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

I Show how hair clippers work in slow motion, just something I’ve been curious about for a while. So I decided to not only use traditional style hair clippers which almost always cut me but a different style but I have heard is much better the newer design uses the same principle it’s just slightly modified and it seems to be much more pleasant to use. Watch the video from Warped Perception:

Hair clippers comprise a pair of sharpened comb-like blades in close contact one above the other and the side which slide sideways relative to each other, a mechanism which may be manual or electrical to make the blades oscillate from side to side, and a handle.


The clipper is moved so that hair is positioned between the teeth of the comb, and cut with a scissor action when one blade slides sideways relative to the other. Friction between the blades needs to be as low as possible, which is attained by choice of material and finish, and frequent lubrication.//wikipedia

VIAWarped Perception