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Hand Built LED Night Book Reader Flat Light Lamp


Do you like reading in the night? Let me introduce amazing book reader that allows you to read in complete dark without bothering anyone. All you need to build one is piece of wood, led stripe, batteries, switch button and acrylic glass. It’s easy on the eyes and perfect to travel.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

This night light book light adopts a new lighting structure design. When opened, its entire transparent panel will light up. Watch the video from The Q where he builds this amazing book reader flight lamp.

It can provide clear and warm light in the reading position it covers, but it will not affect other light, so it is especially suitable for reading in bed. The grating design ensures that the remaining light on the side is no longer lost


Simply slide the light panel on the current page you are reading and the page will be “lighted” ,make the light directly in the page, downy light.There’s a switch button on the middle of part, you can turn it on and off conveniently by pressing the button, easy and convenient./The Q

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