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Hand Made 1:150 Scale Micro Remote Controled Car

In this video YouTube channel diorama111 is building a fantastically small remote control car at a scale of 1:150. It is absolutely mesmerizing to watch this teeny-tiny R/C car chassis being built from scratch.

source/image(PrtSc): diorama111

I modified the TOMYTEC “THE Car Collection” 1/150 TOYOTA CROWN to work with a remote control.The car is controlled by a self-made infrared remote control.

The remote control format is proprietary.The battery installed in the car is a lithium polymer battery(3.7V 40mAh).I used motors by removing weights of the vibration motors.


In order to write the program of the microcontroller(ATtiny1616) used on the car, you need ATMEL STUDIO 7 or later and a device that can use UPDI.I use MPLAB PICkit 4. AVRISP mkII cannot be used.//diorama111