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Hand Made Rope Lounger Chair Bent Lamination


I started by drawing a chair outline on plywood board and cutting the mould pieces from leftover wood pieces. Pieces are attached to the board with wood screws. I cut 2.4mm thin veneer sheets from 4x12cm spruce boards, 40 layers all together.

source/image(PrtSc): lignum

Sheets are then cut to length and sanded down to 2.2mm. Sheets are bent and glued together using two component melamine glue with open time of 45 minutes. After 24 hours in the mould, laminated pieces are taken out and planed. Main piece is cut lengthwise into two identical pieces. Watch the video from lignum:

Each one is planed on the cut side. Main pieces and round pieces are conected together with small 12mm thick walnut slats held together with acetate glue.


Everything is sanded first with belt sander then with orbital sander and finally by hand. Holes are drilled on the outer edge of the lounger sides with 2.5 cm spacing in between . Beech dowels are then glued into each hole. For seat and back rest I used nylon rope braided between the dowels./ lignum