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Carve Electric Three Wheeled Body Tilting Car


It’s not a car and not a scooter. This is Carver. A 100% electric urban vehicle, perfect for commuting and short journeys. A fun way to make a difference every day!The 100% electric Carver is emission-free and space-saving.

source/image(PrtSc): Ridecarver

At the heart of each Carver you will find the patented Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC™), a globally unique tilting technology. This 100% Dutch innovation finally makes it possible to close the gap between a car and a scooter.

The DVC ™ automatically adjusts your balance in curves and on uneven surfaces. By automatically linking the tilt angle of your cockpit to your driving behavior, the DVC ™ ensures an optimal distribution of gravity under all circumstances.


The result is a stunning driving experience with super road handling, maneuverability and cornering stability. The cockpit is fitted with a sturdy steel frame to provide maximum occupant protection. The large windows of your Carver provide exceptional visibility and reduce blind spots.

The Carver has a top speed of 45 km/h, and a range of 100 km, and it is powered by 2x2kw electric motor, the battery capacity is 5.4 kWh.The unique shape enables the finest handling, minimises drag and maximises your driving range to an incredible 100 km.via: carver.earth

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