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Hand Made Water Pump Using 2-Stroke Engine And PVC Pipe


For your pool, landscaping or gardening needs, nothing beats water pumps.With evident quality from straight out of the carton, easy start and solid alloy construction, This diy project will give you years of trouble free pumping.

source/image(PrtSc): Creative Channel

This unit is perfect for irrigation, pond maintenance, water transfer from dams to horse troughs / tank storage. The applications are limitless! Homemade DIY – Make A Powerful Water Pump Using 2-stroke Engine And PVC pipe.Parts that you need: Old 33cc 2-stroke Engine, PVC pipe, Piece of wood.

This centrifugal pump is mostly PVC, and fasteners.We love that he cut and bent his own paddles from sheet metal. These are bolted to a round piece of steel plate that attaches to the outside with a long hex bolt.


This hand made water pump is designed for handle the Toughest Jobs.The lightweight and durable steel frame along with this unit’s compact design make it convenient to store your pump until the next time you need it.//Creative Channel