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Harley Davidson Roadster Three Wheel Reverse Trike

A tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle. The concept combines in itself all the categories of vehicles which may have three wheels.The main difference between a three-wheeled vehicle and a two-wheeled vehicle is its stability. It is known that to ride a bike and motorcycle must be able to well keep the balance, otherwise the trip on such transport will necessarily result in a fall.

source/image: Fleming Engineering

The newest Roadstercycle from Fleming Engineering has come to life. Technically this is the third time it has been started but first where I eventually get it to idle without the choke.

This is just part of the initial startup procedure from S&S. The bike still needs a few items finished up to be complete but it is very close. A ride video should come in a week or two.


This bike has an S&S V124 Engine and Baker 6 speed transmission with reverse. Noise exits through a custom 2 into 1 exhaust finished out with an oval tip.

It may seem like the bike is shaking, and well, it is. Stuffing 124CI into 2 cylinders is bound to make everything around it shake. The bike has a Baker Drivetrain 6 speed with integral reverse. Parking on the side of a crowned road is a problem no more.