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Harley Davidson VLD 1934 1212cc 2 Cyl Combination


This VLD is equipped with a Harley Davison sidecar and a Stewart speedo. The sidecar has a break which is connected to the break of the motorcycle. Motorcycle and sidecar form a perfect and elegant unit.

source/image: classic-motorcycle.com

The VLD was HD’s top of the line twin, with low-expansion aluminum alloy pistons, a Y-shaped intake manifold and 5:1 compression. The engine made 36hp at 4.500rpm, and top speed was probably about 144kmh.

Like most bikes in 1934, the VLD had no rear springing and a 6-volt electrical system. Bumps on the road were softened by Harley’s patented “Ful-Floteing” seat spring.


Shifting was via a 3-speed hand shift through a rocker foot-clutch that could be locked in place. A rider could bring a properly set up Harley Flathead to a stop, engage the clutch, put down both feet and fold his arms.


  • Year: 1934
  • Displacement: 1212 cc
  • Cylinder: 2 / V-twin
  • Engine type: 4-stroke / sv
  • Bore / Stroke: 86.36 x 101.60 mm
  • Power: 36hp @ 4.500 rpm
  • Weight: 239 kg
  • Top Speed: 144 km/h