Home Technology Heat Pump Water Heater Working Principle 3D Animation

Heat Pump Water Heater Working Principle 3D Animation

Use air to heat water with an energy efficient heat pump water heater. Watch this video to learn how. water heater can be considered a type of air source heat pump that extracts ambient heat from the surrounding air, and circulates that heat around within the pump to further increase the temperature.

source/image(PrtSc): Georgia Power

The HPWH makes hot water by removing heat from the heat source, producing a cooling effect. Air-source HPWH, the eat source is usually warm, humid interior air.

HPWHs use a small amount of electricity to upgrade the temperature of the heated water to achieve the desired temperature. The water heating efficiency of a heat pump water heater is always greater than 100%, and usually substantially greater (two to four times).


In addition to the water heating output, HPWHs can provide a useful cooling and dehumidification effect with no additional energy input.The electric energy input results in two useful effects: cooling and heating. The heating output (electrical input + heat removed from the heat source) is applied toward a water heating load./via/read more: georgiapower