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Heavy-Duty Electric Cargo Trike That Can Carry 500 Pound


From the harsh conditions of northern Finland comes the ultimate cargo bike.Built from the ground up to be the most robust and ecological solution for carrying goods, people, tools. Whatever you want to transport, Ouca gets it there safely and securely.

source/image(PrtSc): Ouca Bikes

Powerful and innovative Revonte e-motor in a custom built strong body with cargo bay maximize the carrying capacity – while still categorizing Ouca as a bicycle. Designed and manufactured in Finland, Ouca is the cargo bike for the future.

The strong frame and cargo pod are designed to withstand the best and the worst conditions and roads. The tires are not from an ordinary bike, so don’t be afraid of little bumps and potholes on the way.


And it doesn’t just look strong. Depending on the model and options you choose, Ouca can carry up to 255kg in addition to the driver.And if you need to carry people, there are seats for eight children, or one adult and three kids, depending on the model and configuration.

VIAOuca Bikes
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