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Helicycle Smallest Single-Seat Turbine Helicopter


Designed by Buford John “B.J.” Schramm, the Helicycle was the end result of a mission to provide the average person with an inexpensive-to-build-and-operate, single-seat flyer that offered a higher degree of performance and safety than what was then available on the market.

source/image(PrtSc): EAA

After purchasing his own Helicycle in 2008, Keith Southard, EAA 668985, fell in love with the aircraft and saw great potential for future design improvements. In 2019, Keith took over the company and is now seeing his vision come to life.Watch the video from EAA for full review:

The Helicycle is a single-seat, semi-rigid two-bladed main rotor, helicopter powered by a Solar T62-32 engine. Specific design features include a fully harmonized rotor, a modulated collective pitch system, very low twice-per-revolution vibration level due to elastomeric thrust bearings, a sufficient flapping angle for low-“G” maneuvers and slope landings, control friction devices, and an electronic throttle control (governor).


The feel of the controls in the Helicycle is modeled after that of the Robinson R22, such that quick stops and autorotations are performed similarly in both aircraft, reportedly allowing new pilots to transition to flying their kits with minimal adjustments./wikipedia

Eagle R&D HeliCycle helicopter specs:

  • Capacity: 1 Person
  • Engine: Solar T62 turbine 160 HP
  • Range: 200 Miles
  • Speed: 100 mph
  • Price (used): $50k