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Hungarocopter HC-02 Ultralight Helicopter


First public test day of a brand new ultralight helicopter model, HC-02, designed and manufactured by Hungarocopter. Hungarocopter started to develop and construct helicopters in a small town Verpelét, in 2008.As the time passed more sophisticated solutions, components, construction methods were made and finally the first helicopter, the HC-01 was born.

source/image(PrtSc): TomiAviation

Spare parts and main units were manufactured by the company parallel with the designing, thanks to this, testing can be done on critical items before the flight. During the development the company gained lots of experience, now they have a complete production system to fulfill larger orders.

Following HC-01, HC-02 was completed in 2021, as a two seated variant of the previous model. This type is driven by a 141 hp, four-stroke Rotax 915 IS engine, cruise speed is 87 Kts (160km/h), max. range is 450 km, max. endurance is 2,5 Hrs. The cockpit is equipped with a Kanardia NESIS 3 / Combo Indicator and an EMSIS EMS.


To prevent from a possible significant rotor RPM loss during autorotation, the helicopter is equipped with a Electric Rescue System, which contains a 30 Kw electric motor, powered by a 120V Li-Po accumulator. In case of emergency, for a short time ERS can provide sufficient RPM, therefore aircraft damage or human injury become avoidable./ TomiAviation