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HELIOtube, An Innovative Inflatable Solar Thermal Collector

The HELIOtube is a highly innovative type of solar concentrator with plastic films as its key component. The results are significant advantages in capital expenditure and operating expenses.

source: HELIOVIS /image: heliovis 

Therefore, the HELIOtube allows 55 % cost savings and significant reductions in CO2 emissions over the entire lifecycle compared to the most advanced glass mirror based parabolic trough technologies.

Using commercially available plastic films, HELIOVIS successfully commissioned the first industrial application of this technology in Spain with 220 m length, 9 m diameter, and a world-record homogenous mirror of about 1,600 m2 (8 m width and 200 m length).


The HELIOtube will provide process heat for the client and save tens of thousands of litres of diesel fuel. Thanks to the 30,000 litre storage solar process heat can be supplied long after the sun has set.