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Helium Element Superfluid Element That Can Climb Walls


Today I will tell you about the most widespread noble gas in the observable universe which can have unique superfluidity properties at extremely low temperatures. Guys, please meet helium. In the periodic table this element is located in the top right corner.

source/image: Thoisoi2 – Chemical Experiments

It is easy to find it by its atomic number 2. I think people acquaint themselves with this inert gas from childhood. Because of its lightness in relation to air, helium is perfect for inflating festive balloons children love so much. Because of the fact that molar mass of helium is almost 7 times smaller than that of air, it easily floats up above.

Yes, exactly it floats because from the point of view of fluid dynamics, fluids and gases exhibit similar properties. Earth’s atmosphere loses about 50 grams of helium a second because of the extreme lightness of this gas. Anyways, helium isn’t as abundant on earth.


Earth’s atmosphere is only about 5 parts per million, or 0.0005 percent, helium. Most of helium that can be used for air balloons comes from natural gas helium concentration of which can reach up to 7 percent in it! It’s so because as a result of radioactive decay of uranium and thorium in earth’s crust, helium can accumulate in earth’s interior along with natural gas and not vanish in the atmosphere.Do not repeat the experiments shown in this video!