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Hiatus Campers Hard-Walled Hand Build Popup Truck Camper

The Hiatus Camper™️ is our take on the ultimate adventure rig. Lightweight, streamline, and tough enough to handle any terrain, our campers maintain the complete functionality of your truck, allowing you to go beyond paved roads.

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We provide the most compact, four season camper on the market without sacrificing any of the creature comforts we love. Our patent pending technology allows a single-user to open the camper, in any weather condition, in less than 30 seconds.

The four walls pops up into form with the roof within 30 seconds, creating roughly 189 to 195 cm of standing room inside the truck bed. The weight of the topper is only 420 to 460 pounds for mid-size trucks and 450 to 500 pounds for full-size trucks.


The exterior can be fitted with a number of option including awnings, propane tanks, or fuel cans.When you’re ready to explore, you can simply pop the cabin down, secure it, and drive off to your next destination!/hiatuscampers