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High-Tech Active Suspension System Working Principle 3D Animation


The high-tech air suspension system can lift or push down each wheel separately via electro-mechanical actuators. It is therefore possible for the first time to actively control the trim of the body in any driving situation and thus greatly reduce pitch or roll during acceleration or braking.

source/image: Tech Autogram

The front camera, which detects larger road surface irregularities, enables this to be done predictively.The Audi drive select system offers five profiles from which to choose. “Comfort +” mode is a new profile. It makes even cornering a comfortable experience:

The body leans into curves by as much as 3 degrees to reduce the lateral acceleration acting on the occupants.The maximum roll angle during fast cornering is just roughly 2.5 degrees. With the standard suspension, it is around 5 degrees.


The situational distribution of roll moments enables self-steering that is neutral or minimally oversteering. The car’s body can be quickly raised by as much as 50 mm (2.0 in) when the door handle is actuated, making getting into the car even easier and more comfortable.