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Colin Furze’s Tall Bike Social Distance Highcycle

A tall bike is an unusually tall bicycle often constructed by hobbyists from spare parts. The drive train is reconfigured to connect to the upper set of pedals, and the controls are moved to the upper handlebar area.

source/image: colinfurze

How to Build a Tall Bike, one that you can stop safely, and could be construed as street legal in most places.A tall bike gives you the sensation that you are hang gliding without a hang glider! You get to face your fear of heights, confuse your onlookers.

Inventor Colin Furze decided that he was still too close to other people while riding his bicycle, so he built a stainless steel social distance bike that he called it the Highcycle that rides more than 2m off of the ground.


This one does require welding and some sweat and tears, but it is worth it.You need two decent 20-inch wheels, a sturdy frame, front forks, and all the crankset hardware in order to make the tall bike.Avoid Chrome molly frames as it is wickedhard to weld.This project is done in a controlled environment by a professional, don’t try this at home.