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Home Made 8 Cylinder Radial Solenoid Engine


It uses 8 solenoids that I made.Although a traditional 4 stroke solenoid engine can’t have an even number of pistons, I chose 8 because doing the math for the measurements and the angles is a lot easier.

source/image(PrtSc): TylerTimoJ

I built this in the summer between my junior and senior year of highschool, because, I was bored. I didn’t follow any tutorial or anything. I designed the engine in inventor before building it, but as always, my design changes once I actually start building.

In all it cost me about $60. All of the metal parts are hand machined, and cut out of 1/8th inch aluminum. The pistons are just 1/4th inch iron rods.The solenoids are made out of 28 AWG magnet wire that I bought from eBay.


They are wrapped around a copper pipe that has an inside diameter of about 3/8th of an inch. I would have liked to get the pipe smaller, but I couldn’t find any. The edges are made of aluminum, and they are held onto the wood with right angle brackets.//TylerTimoJ