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Homemade DIY Earth Battery


The DIY “Earth Battery”. Earth Batteries are easy to make and produce enough power to run many items such as Lcd clocks, watches, pedometers, calculators, LED lighting and more. All that’s needed is copper wire from old extension cord etc, several small bolts (screws or nails can also be used), an ice cube tray and dirt.

source.image: desertsun02

That’s it. makes a quick and easy battery. works best if it’s made with moist dirt/soil. Note: every couple of days the dirt will “dry out” and the voltage will decrease. TO RECHARGE THE BATTERY just add 1 or 2 teaspoons of water to each “cell” and the battery will be “recharged”.

For increased voltage make more than one battery and hook them together. Tip: try to use “galvanized” bolts, screws or nails – as they work the best.


Included in this video is footage of a larger outdoor “single cell” earth battery i made. It’s made using a 2′ long piece of copper pipe and a giant (foot long) nail.