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Homemade Gravity Fed Pellet Stove Burner

Pellet wood stoves can cost anywhere from 300$ up to a couple thousand dollars, but you can build one by yourself for much less than that.I made a new pellet combustor. I found one of the recycled stainless steel bowls that fits in the hole.

source/image: Camping Together

Existing combustor had a large flame, but spread widely, resulting in a lot of incompletely burned pellets. This time, the fire is more concentrated, so the size of the flame is smaller, but it burns well enough to leave little ash. Watch the vide from Camping Together for more info:

As wood pellets have such a high density they flow well through hoppers. Therefore it’s possible to create a none powered stove which can run for many hours with a full hopper of wood pellets.By steadily feeding fuel from a storage container hopper)into a burn pot area, it produces a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments.


Disclaimer: Using a stove in a confined space can be very dangerous. When using a stove, be sure to ventilate properly and be prepared for fire or other safety accidents. I am not responsible for any loss or injury caused by carelessness.