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Homemade Plastic Barrel Standup Fishing Boat


In this video I show you how I made this five barrel stand up fishing boat. It is not super fast, but it has a ton of storage. Thank you for watching.The simple materials, easy skills and common tools make this project perfect for the boat enthusiast who has to limit their projects to weekends and time off from work.

source/image: supergokue1

The basic version could easily be ready for the water in an afternoon and construction can be completed using a jigsaw and a cordless drill.

The boat is constructed using one 55 gallon igloo cooler and four 15 gallon barrels which are equipped with four tiny igloo coolers and one big igloo coler behind the seat. The boat is powered by a small electric motor.This design makes good use of Archimedes principle of buoyancy, employing an empty plastic pickle barrel as the hull of this diy boat.


The plastic is naturally watertight and the shape of the barrel makes it fairly aerodynamic, with little drag.One major hurdle with a cylindrical hull is balance. To prevent this little diy boat from rolling and to add buoyancy, aluminium pipe outriggers and pontoons were added, giving it a vaguely water-buggish appearance.Disclaimer: This project is done by a professional, home made boats can be dangerous, don’t try this at home.