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Homemade Solar Powered Pontoon Fishing Boat


In this video I show you how I built this fun and very functional solar powered fishing boat. Looks cool and very smooth on the water. Very compact and fit easily in the back of my small truck.

source/image: supergokue1

The boat was built of PVC pipe. Maybe not up to Navy specs, but this thing can be used as a fishing boat.This fishing boat is built in an abnormal but intriguing way. Instead of having typical floaters on the bottom of the boat, he used 5 Gallon Buckets.

The parts and materials are easy to find, and if you are savvy, you can find most of these materials for free.One of the most effective ways of convincing people that you’re crazy is to tell them you’re going to build a boat from Pvc pipes and gallon buckets.


The boat runs on an electric motor powered by solar panels.One main reason to consider a solar powered pontoon boat is the savings on potential financial impact by saving on fuel costs. This cool boat built to cruise lakes, providing a leisurely experience without air or noise pollution. Disclaimer: Dont try this at home if you dont know what you are doing. This boat is done by a professional and runs by a professional, cruising a home made boat can be dangerous.