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Autonomous Electric Tractor Conceot Future of Farming


John Deere’s new autonomous tractor concept is a very compact electric drive unit with integrated attachment. The tractor has a total output of 500kW and can be equipped with either wheels or tracks.

source/image: John Deere UK IE

Flexible ballasting from 5 to 15 tonnes is possible, depending on the application, to help reduce soil compaction. Thanks to the electric drive, there are no operating emissions and noise levels are extremely low.

Further advantages include low wear and maintenance costs.Electrification isn’t just about using batteries as the power source. It’s about using electrical drives to replace engines and hydraulics.


Electric motors have huge torque at low speeds, they’re more efficient, more reliable and lighter.This tractor is controlled by an intelligent guidance system to keep the powerful cable free from contact with tractor or implement./John Deere UK IE