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Homemade Stand Up Pontoon Fishing Boat


Pontoon boats are expensive to buy, but making one yourself can be simple and affordable, allowing you to save a whole lot of cash.Creative DIYers developed homemade models to save the investment.

source/image(PrtSc): supergokue1

In this video I show you how I made this stand-up pontoon fishing boat. It is made up of six 55 gallon drum barrels and a plastic pallet. This design is made a carry a ton of weight.The parts and materials are easy to find,and if you are savvy, you can find most of these materials for free.Watch the video by supergokue1 for more info.

The plastic is naturally watertight and the shape of the barrel makes it fairly aerodynamic, with little drag.The rest of the boat was built of PVC pipe. Maybe not up to Navy specs, but this thing can be used as a fishing boat.


Creative DIY enthusiasts find the project somewhat ergonomic, funny & performing at the first look.The best thing about pontoon boats is they are among the easiest types of boats to build, so according to your level of skill – and your ambition – there’s a whole range of styles you can attempt.

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