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Homemade Water Distiller! – The Deluxe DIY “Pure Water” Water Distiller


Purchasing a water distiller from the store or online can be pricey. But, made correctly, a homemade water distiller is just as dependable as a store-bought one. Build your own Water Distiller with a few easy-to-find materials.

source/image(PrtSc): desertsun02

Homemade Water Distiller! The Deluxe “pure water” Water Distiller! Easy DIY. easily turns dirty water/salt water etc.. Into clean fresh pure water. produces lots of clean water fast.

Made from close to 12 feet of copper tubing… along with a few fittings (optional stainless steel tube shown as well). video contains full instructions on how to build it.


Early testing shows it produces about a quart in 1.5 hrs (and half gallon in 2.5 hrs). note that i soldered on the copper fitting. if you don’t have a torch, they sell “push on” fittings that require no soldering. *if soldering, remember to use “lead-free” solder.

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