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Horex Regina Evo Modern Retro Classic Motorcycle


Called the Regina Evo, the bike takes its name from a machine first introduced by the Landsberg am Lech-based company back in 1950, with the first 100 units of the new model featuring the monocoque carbon chassis.

source-image: JARO SPEED

Designed to mimic the look of the original Regina, which continued to develop until 1955, the swingarm, seat holder and bracket, front and rear mudguards, and headlight cover will also be finished in carbon, with the petrol tank arriving in polished aluminium.

Powering the bike is a 600cc single-cylinder thumper, pushing out a claimed 48hp. Retro it may look, but within the casings lies a modern, fuel-injected and Euro5-compliant engine. It features four valves, twin cams, and a six-speed gearbox.


The brakes are both front and rear with Beringer two-piston calipers. The size of the double discs in the front is 260 mm and the rear disc is 240 mm in diameter. The seat height of the single-seater bike is said to be 790-810 mm, and the tank is made of aluminum.