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Horizon Aircraft X5 50% Prototype Fully Electric VTOL Prototype Teaser


Horizon Aircraft unveils our 50% prototype, a fully electric VTOL. We are excited to kick off our flight testing program and will share more as we progress.. This test proved that the aircraft can not only hover but that it can hover with reduced lift as a testament to its safety.

source/image: Horizon Aircraft

The aircraft performed admirably during tests, proving its redundancy and ability to remain safe despite technical malfunctions. The full-scale Cavorite X5 will be powered by a hybrid-electric system that will recharge the aircraft’s batteries during flight and provide system redundancy.

The aircraft uses two primary means of propulsion: 16 duct-in-wing motors that allow the aircraft to move vertically, and a more powerful hybrid-electric motor to produce more powerful horizontal thrust.


As a result, during cruise, this X5 flies more like a plane than it does a multicopter. The X5 has a 22ft wingspan, over 15ft in length and capable of speeds over 175 mph.

The Cavorite X5 is the only eVTOL that completely covers its lift fans to spend 98% of it’s flight time in low-drag, wing-born flight. With a wingspan of 22 ft (6.7 m) and a length of 15 ft (4.6 m), this half-scale prototype has a takeoff weight almost 500 lb (~227 kg).

VIAHorizon Aircraft
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