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How a Onshore Wind Turbine Foundation Is Made


The foundation is a key component to a wind turbine. It provides stability for the structure and allows it to reach great heights of more than 300 feet in the air.

source/image(PrtSc): Peikko Group

As a general rule, the taller the turbine, the better the wind velocity and power output. Turbine foundations will often have an octagonal shape to transmit forces from the tower more evenly into the soil.

Peikko’s foundation solution for onshore wind turbines can be tailored according to customer needs to comprise components, design or the complete foundation reinforcement package including design and assembly.


The biggest advantages of Peikko’s solution are flexibility and speed in different sized projects. Our efficient production units in Europe enable fast and reliable deliveries.Peikko’s foundation solution has been used with turbines of all major turbine manufacturers.