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How Bamboo Bikes Are Helping This Community In Ghana!

In Ghana, there is an abundance of bamboo. So much so, that one company devised an unusual means of transportation: bamboo bikes.

source/image(PrtSc): Great Big Story

Crafting bamboo into bike frames, Boomers has made thousands of the sustainable bikes. Once finished, the bikes are said to be stronger and lighter than even steel. But there is much more to the company that just bikes.

Boomers trains young people in rural communities and provides them with employment. With this enterprise, they are hoping to inspire others to get creative and to help their communities.


Apart from having impeccable rider-friendly qualities, the bamboo bikes are aesthetically beautiful, have stronger frames, and a higher tensile strength than steel.The strength of bamboo is a five times stronger than steel, and also the bike can be made easily and that it is robust enough for all road conditions.