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Twicycle A Bicycle That Lets You Pedal With Both Your Arms & Legs

Twicycle enables you to have full body workout while cycling outdoors. Twicycle doubles your cycling workout benefits by allowing you to cycle with your arms in addition to your legs.

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By using the front cranks you can workout your: biceps, triceps, chest, back, abs, lats and the core. Pedal with arms, legs or both. Adjust gears to increase/ lower resistance to perfectly tailor to your needs.

In addition to legs, you can work out your entire upper body by using the front cranks. Fire up your TRICEPS, CHEST, LATS, BICEPS, BACK and SHOULDERS. Strengthen your CORE. It has 8 speed hubs front and rear so that you can select different gearing to suit conditions, as well as the strength of your arms and legs.


Twicycle makes climbing easier and faster as the load is spread over several limbs, resulting in less fatigue and less lactic acid build-up on each individual limb.By propelling yourself forward using both legs and arms at the same time, you benefit from increased power needed for sprints.