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How Do Airplanes Fly & How Pilots Are Able To Control An Airplane!


Modern airplanes are truly engineering marvels. They overcome highly turbulent and unpredictable currents in the air and complete their flights by undertaking many complex maneuvers.

source/image(PrtSc): Learn Engineering

Have you ever thought of how the pilots are able to achieve this, or what happens to the airplane when the pilot operates certain controls? In this video, we will explore how an airplane flies, and how pilots are able to control an airplane in a logical, yet simple way.read more: Learn Engineering

Mid-flight airplanes is effected by 4 basic forces: thrust, drag, gravity and lift. If all of these forces are balanced, plane stays up in the air. Each of these forces are crucial for plane to fly.Lift is generated as a curved airfoil wing flies through the sky, it deflects air and alters the air pressure above and below it./aviationcv


Thrust is a force that moves an aircraft in the direction of the motion. It is created with a propeller, jet engine, or rocket. Air is pulled in and then pushed out in an opposite direction.