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How Do Lions React When They See Themselves In The Mirror


How do animals react when they are standing in front of a mirror? ” This is a question that behavioral biologists have explored in many studies and trials.As part of a behavioral enrichment project, the Serengeti Park Hodenhagen has set up a 1.20 x 2.50 meter mirror with the lions and then with the chimpanzees.

source/image: Serengeti-Park

The mirror was made of mirrored sheet to prevent injury to the animals.Behavioral Enrichment is an occupation of animals that live in human care. Pack leader Baba (13 years old) responded peacefully to his opponent and tried to find the lion “behind the glass”.

The video doesn’t show actual mirror tests in a scientific sense, but it does offer a funny footage of how big cats react to their own reflections. In most cases, they don’t seem to like what they see.!


We want to give our animals variety and mental stimulation, so that they are similarly challenged as in the wild. The Spiegel project was another incentive, but it was also exciting for us, says Fabrizio Sepe, owner and CEO of Serengeti Park.

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