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How I Made My Own Smart Glass Under $10


Hi everyone hope you are doing great , before a few days we have participated in a competition. We made a smart glass, and the good news is we own the heart of the judges and also the 1st prize.

image/source: DDelectroTech.com

So in this video I have shared how we made that smart glass.Using this we can see the caller name , messages, time & date etc.Still we are developing the application to read whatsapp massages and many thing.In our future video we will share everything ,so stay tuned.

The electronic components can fit nicely inside any small casing that one so wishes to create, but for myself, I decided to print a housing on my 3D Printer.


At its core, Google Glass is interesting and unique, but a lot of the technology that powers it is already available easily on the web. If Google thinks wearable computers are the future, it’s just a matter of time before people start building their own.