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How Mountain Bike Tires Are Made

Wider than regular road tires, mountain bike tires have raised knobs or lugs that add stability on uneven terrain. Built to withstand the trail, these tires can handle it all.

source/image(PrtSc): Science Channel

A bicycle tire consists of three basic elements: the carcass, the bead core and the rubber tread. … With this angle placed in the rolling direction, the carcass provides the tire’s necessary stability. All Schwalbe carcasses are made of polyamide (nylon).

The carcass is applied to the building drum, cut and then spliced. As a next step, the wire or aramid bundles are inserted and the carcass is folded from both sides. The 45 degree-angle carcass material is now layered and forms a tire with a diagonal structure.


In this phase, the respective puncture protection layer is inserted. Finally, the tread is applied exactly in the center of the tire.After the production process every tire undergoes a strict quality control. Every tire is meticulously inspected once again. Continuous checking of random samples ensures correct weight and run-out.