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How to Build a Mini Nitro Engine Generator


“This one didn’t go as intended, but in the end I managed to make something. I had a steam engine that I got from Banggood, which I found by performing some tests, that it could work also as an air pump if driven by an electric motor, or in my case a nitro engine.”/via JohnnyQ90

source/image: JohnnyQ90

For some reason it didn’t work as I would like to, it could inflate a balloon at best. I spent some time on it.

So I decided to make a small DC generator by removing the steam engine and replacing it with an electric motor.


If I was to make a generator from the beginning, I wouldn’t have used this engine nor this motor as generator. Instead I would use a bigger engine (at least 4.5cc) and a brushless motor as generator with a 3 phase rectifier.

VIA JohnnyQ90
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